Why Is Sin 60 And Sin 120 The Same?

What is the value of 120 degree?

What Is The Value Of Cos 120 Degree.

Cos 120 degree is equal to minus half which can be written as (- ½ ) or (-0.5)..

Is the value of sin 60?

The exact value of sin(60°) sin ( 60 ° ) is √32 .

What is the exact value of CSC 60?

The exact value of csc(60°) csc ( 60 ° ) is 2√3 .

How do you find the value of sin 120?

By using the value of cosine function relations, we can easily find the value of sin 120 degrees. Using the trigonometry formula, sin (90 + a) = cos a, we can find the sin 120 value. We know that the value of cos 30 degrees is √3/2. Therefore, sin 120° = √3/2.

What is the exact value of cot 60?

Trigonometry Examples The exact value of cot(60) is 1√3 .

What is the exact value of tan 120?

Answer and Explanation: The exact value of tan(120°) is -√(3). Since tan(120°) = tan(2 × 60°), we can use the tangent double-angle identity to…

What does sin 60 degrees mean?

In a right-angled triangle, the sine of angle α is a ratio of the length of the opposite side(perpendicular) to the length of the hypotenuse side. Sin α= Opposite Side/Hypotenuse. =Perpendicular Side/Hypotenuse Side. = a/h. So, the ratio sin 60 degrees function will be, sin 60 = Perpendicular/Hypotenuse.

How do you find sin 120 without a calculator?

Use the unit circle and the fact that on the unit circle, sin A = y, and cos A = x. By drawing the unit circle it should be clear that sin(120) = sin(60) . If you know that sin(60) = sqrt(3)/2, then sin(120) = sqrt(3)/2. Originally Answered: How do you find sin 120 without a calculator?

What is the value of cot 120 degree?

Important Angle Summaryθ°θradianscot(θ)60°π/3√3/390°π/2N/A120°2π/3-√3/3135°3π/4-112 more rows

What is the sine value of 7 pi over 6?

7π/6 radians is equivalent to (7π/6)(180°/π) = 210°, a 3rd-quadrant angle whose reference angle is 30°.

What is the value of sin?

We know that the exact value of sin 0 degree is 0. Therefore, the value of sin 180 degrees = 0. The value of sin pi can be derived from some other trigonometric angles and functions like sine and cosine functions from the trigonometry table.

What is the sign of 60 degrees?

Important Angles: 30°, 45° and 60°AngleTan=Sin/Cos30°1 √3 = √3 345°160°√3

What is the sin of 60 in radians?

Sines and cosines for special common anglesDegreesRadianssine90°π/2160°π/3√3 / 245°π/4√2 / 230°π/61/21 more row