Quick Answer: What Means Sordid?

What is an incorrigible person?


Use incorrigible in a sentence.


The definition of incorrigible is someone who is naughty or bad (or who engages in generally unacceptable behavior) and who cannot be corrected.

An example of incorrigible is a child who is always getting into trouble..

What is sordid behavior?

If you describe someone’s behavior as sordid, you mean that it is immoral or dishonest. [disapproval]

What is a sordid past?

Think of the worst parts of a bad soap opera! Sordid comes from the Latin word sordes, “dirt.” Something that is filthy or run down such as a neighborhood or someone’s living conditions can be called sordid, but it is usually used figuratively to mean immoral or dishonest.

What is a sentence for reproach?

Sentence Examples When you don’t live the life, you bring reproach on the truth. You should reproach the Zimbabwean government for not undertaking this land reform many years earlier. Nature fears shame and contempt, but grace is happy to suffer reproach.

What does distain mean?

Distain is a misspelling of disdain, but it’s also an archaic word that means to stain or discolor something. … To disdain something is to despise it. Example: “I distain white tablecloths,” said the red wine disdainfully.

What does Contumelious mean?

insolently abusive and humiliating: insolently abusive and humiliating.

What does the word sordid mean?

adjective. morally ignoble or base; vile: sordid methods. meanly selfish, self-seeking, or mercenary. dirty or filthy. squalid; wretchedly poor and run-down: sordid housing.

How do you use sordid in a sentence?

Sordid sentence examplesObviously they thought there was something sordid to hide. … For the first time in their history, they stood a real chance of turning a sordid love story into a pure one. … His vices were rather of the sordid than of the satanic order. … That sounds so sordid but, I guess, something like that.More items…

What does disdainful mean?

full of or showing disdain; scornful.

What are two synonyms for sordid?

Synonyms fordisreputable.nasty.shameful.sleazy.squalid.vile.abject.avaricious.

What does Marose mean?

1 : having a sullen and gloomy disposition. 2 : marked by or expressive of gloom.

What is sordid gain?

5 letter answer(s) to sordid gain LUCRE. the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses) informal terms for money. Ill gotten gain or reward.

What does it mean if someone is presumptuous?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or showing presumption or readiness to presume in conduct or thought, as by saying or doing something without right or permission. unwarrantedly or impertinently bold; forward.

What does pugnacity mean?

Pugnacity, or a natural disposition to be aggressive or belligerent, isn’t considered a flattering quality for a person to have. Then again, if you’re a boxer, politician, or lawyer, that feistiness might actually come in handy. Pugnacity comes from the Latin word pugnare, which means to fight.

What does juggernaut mean?

A juggernaut (/ˈdʒʌɡərnɔːt/ ( listen)), in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as merciless, destructive, and unstoppable.

What does truculence mean?

1 : aggressively self-assertive : belligerent. 2 : scathingly harsh : vitriolic truculent criticism.

Is seamy a word?

SEAMY is a valid scrabble word.