Quick Answer: What Is A Sala In Punjabi?

What do you mean by Sala?

: a large or important room or hall especially : one used in a home for the reception and entertainment of guests beautiful residences … with balcony, sala, dining room — Manila Times..

What is the meaning of Sala Kutta?

‘Sala kutta’ (as I would spell it; the extra ‘a’ is redundant) should be translated to ‘brother-in-law dog’. This translation is not merely literally accurate, but possesses immense charm. You might argue, of course, that if a literal translation adds charm to an abuse, then it loses its sense.

Is Sala a bad word?

Take the word sala, for example. It’s probably Hindi’s most popular obscenity and is only mildly offensive. It literally means one’s wife’s brother. By calling someone a sala you are in short proclaiming that you dominate him because you have had sex with his sister.

What is a Fuddu in Punjabi?

“Phhuddu” means stupid, idiot, moron, fool. It is a noun. The word doesn’t sound polite at all and sounds oddly like another word which refers to certain female anatomy, therefore, I have seldom used it myself, although, I have heard it plenty of times.

What is called Sali in English?

sister-in-law countable noun. Your sister-in-law is the sister of your husband or wife, or the woman who is married to your brother. /sali, sAlI, saalee, sālī/ You may also like. English Quiz.

Where does the name Sala come from?

Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, southern French (Occitan), and Romanian: from sala ‘hall’, hence a topographic name or an occupational name for someone employed at a hall or manor house.