Quick Answer: What Age Rating Is Blue Story?

What age is Arthur appropriate for?

ARTHUR is an animated series aimed at viewers ages four to eight.

ARTHUR’s goals are to help foster an interest in reading and writing, to encourage positive social skills, and to model age-appropriate problem-solving strategies..

What age is Merlin?

The first season aired in 2008. Bradley James, who plays Arthur, was born in 1983, making him 25 at the beginning of the show. Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin, was born in 1986, making him 22 at the beginning of the show. By this logic Arthur is 29 and Merlin is 26 at the end of season five.

What is the movie into the blue about?

Divers Sam (Jessica Alba) and Jared (Paul Walker) love life in the Bahamas. But when friends Bryce (Scott Caan) and Amanda (Ashley Scott) visit, the couple take them on a treasure-hunting trip, where they discover more than they bargained for: a downed airplane full of cocaine alongside a famous shipwreck. Unknown to Sam and Jared, Bryce makes a fatal mistake and decides to sell the cocaine — which angers a group of drug dealers, who are now in hot pursuit of the divers.Into the Blue/Film synopsis

Is Blue Story banned from cinemas?

BLUE Story, a violent gang film made by the BBC, was axed from cinemas after 100 thugs armed with machetes and knives crashed its opening evening on Friday, November 22. After banning showings due to the violence, Vue boss said the company was looking at “beefing up security” to restart screenings.

Is Blue Story banned from Odeon?

Vue has banned the film from its 91 UK and Ireland venues and Showcase has also dropped the movie. … The Odeon chain says it is not withdrawing the film, but “a number of security measures are in place” for Blue Story screenings, though it refused to elaborate on what they are.

Why Arthur is a good show?

Arthur is such a great show because, it has everything for kids like learning, playing, and kids sticking up with each other. It’s much like watching “Flying Rhino Junior High” and “Recess”, too. I had first seen this show back in 1996 (right before 1997).

Is Into the Blue on Hulu?

17. Into the Blue. … Watch Into the Blue on Hulu.

Is Blue Story violent?

“Blue Story is a film about love, not violence. “I hope blame is placed with the individuals and not an indictment of the film itself.”

Is Merlin appropriate for 12 year olds?

The show’s tone veers from lighthearted to dark; some scenes are played for laughs and might be fun for young viewers, while others feature malevolent magic and medieval-style violence that’s more appropriate for teens and up.

Why is Blue Story banned?

Gang drama Blue Story has been banned from all Vue cinemas after a mass brawl broke out at a Birmingham cinema involving youths armed with machetes. Families were visiting Star City to watch Frozen 2 when the disorder broke out late on Saturday afternoon, sparking a mass evacuation of the complex.

Why is into the blue Rated PG 13?

The MPAA rated Into the Blue PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence, drug material, some sexual content and language.

Is Once upon a time suitable for 8 year olds?

Parents need to know that although Once Upon a Time is inspired by classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Pinocchio, and revivals of popular stories such as Mulan, Brave, and Frozen, it’s not always age-appropriate for younger kids.

Who is Arthur’s little sister?

Kate ReadKate Read (Tracy Braunstein) is Arthur and D.W.’s baby sister.

How old was Paul Walker in Into the Blue?

IMDb Rating: 5.7ActorAge thenAge nowPaul Walker3247Jessica Alba2439Scott Caan2944Ashley Scott284312 more rows