Quick Answer: Is Unexpecting A Word?

Is Unoperational a word?

Unoperational Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unoperational?inoperationalinoperativenot workingnonoperationalnot operatingfaultydowndefectivebrokenkaput73 more rows.

What does Unfunctional mean?

: not functional: a : not related directly to or fitted for everyday needs or activities : impractical, inefficient. b : not conforming to functionalist theory.

What’s another word for dysfunctional?

What is another word for dysfunctional?maladjustedflawedunfitbrokendebilitateddecayeddefectivedeterioratedinhibitedmalfunctional4 more rows

What does it mean to redirect a child?

Verbal redirection is a way of managing your child’s behavior by verbally expressing a command or request. It is a way of redirecting the behavior of your child by talking to him. A parent tells a child that the behavior that is occurring, or is about to occur, is not acceptable.

What is another word for redirect?

What is another word for redirect?turndivertdeflectwhipdeviatepivotsidetrackswervetransferbend156 more rows

Is Zincy a word?

ZINCY is a valid scrabble word.

Is Redirectable a word?

Adjective. Capable of being redirected. The redirectable output was sent to a printer instead of the screen.

What is the meaning of Unoperational?

: not operational: such as. a : not functional or ready for use a nonoperational clock. b : not of or relating to the operation of a business or machine Layoffs were limited to nonoperational positions.

What does Zincy mean?

Licensed from iStockPhoto. adjective. The definition of zincy is seeming like the bluish-white element called zinc. An example of something zincy is a piece of galvanized iron.

What does Zinky mean?

adjective. The definition of zinky, also spelled zincky, is something that contains or is similar to zinc, a bluish-white metallic element. An example of zinky are ores that are grayer than other ores such as smithsonite and sphalerite.

What is another word for broken?

What is another word for broken?smashedfragmentedshattereddestroyeddemolishedfracturedrupturedseveredshiveredcracked20 more rows

Is disfunction a word?

The correct spelling is dysfunction. It would not surprise me, however, if disfunction became an accepted spelling, because it just seems more normal.

How do you redirect a patient?

Here are Kriseman’s top seven tips on how to redirect a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia:Assess the environment. … Don’t try to explain or reason. … Go outside. … Introduce a meaningful activity. … Keep it simple. … Use bridge phrases to put the focus back on the person. … Use touch to calm and focus.