Quick Answer: How Do I Contact Foxtel By Phone?

How can I contact Foxtel in Australia?

Call us for general enquiriesNew customers: 1300 130 799.

9am to 7pm (Mon-Fri), 10am to 6pm (Sat), Closed (Sun)Existing customers: 1300 556 808.

Billing – 9am to 7pm (Mon-Sat) …

Calling from overseas: +61 3 8325 2701.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service..

How do I speak to someone at Foxtel?

Phone: 1300 130 799.Phone: 1300 657 346.Phone: +61 3 8325 2701.TTY: 133 677 then enter 131 999.Speak and Listen: 1300 555 727 then ask for Foxtel.Phone: (02) 9813 6000.

Does Foxtel have live chat?

If you have a disability and either need assistance lodging a complaint with Foxtel or need help to understand our complaint handling process, you can contact us via: Live Chat: you can communicate with one of our agents directly online using our Live Chat service.

Do I need a phone line for Foxtel?

If you’re in an ADSL area, you’ll need to have a home phone service to receive Foxtel ADSL broadband. There’s no extra charge for the standard home phone service (including local and national calls) with your Foxtel Broadband bundle, however you can pay an extra $5 per month to add unlimited* mobile calls.

Can you negotiate with Foxtel?

Providing a good service at below cost will only lead to one thing in the end. Foxtel will go broke. All negotiations have to be acceptable to provider and customer, thus the word “negotiations” and some specials and reductions are possible but Platinum at that low cost is dreaming time to me.

Can I get internet through Foxtel?

Foxtel also announced the arrival of its new Broadband home network gateway, the Foxtel Hub, designed to deliver fast household WiFi speeds4 to Foxtel Broadband subscribers. … Foxtel Broadband subscribers will also have access to the Foxtel Hub, Foxtel’s new WiFi modem purpose built for internet and video streaming.

How do I speak to an Australian on Foxtel?

New customers: 1300 130 799.Existing customers: 131 999.Calling from overseas: +61 3 8325 2701.TTY: Call 133 677 then enter 131 999.Speak and listen: Call 1300 555 727 then ask for Foxtel.

Where can I complain to Foxtel?

You can lodge a complaint with us by: Telephone: Call us on 131 999. We’re available from 9am to 9pm on Monday to Friday and from 10am to 8pm on Saturday to Sunday. Fax: Fax your complaint to us at (03) 8325 2311.

Is Foxtel now free for Telstra customers?

Telstra partners with Foxtel and customers get Foxtel Now free for a year. Telstra has today announced a partnership with Foxtel which will give mobile customers a free 12-month subscription to content packs from online streaming service Foxtel Now.

Can Foxtel run through NBN?

Foxtel is now offering its best-ever value range of broadband, TV and home phone bundles, with access to the nbn™ network for FTTP serviceable customers, and via ADSL connections.

What are 1900 numbers in Australia?

Australia. In Australia, premium rate numbers generally begin with the prefix 19, with premium-rate voice services using the prefix 190x. Of these 1900 was the initial prefix and is the most common; since then 1901 and 1902 have also been allocated.

Can I cancel Foxtel online?

If you’ve decided it’s time to cancel, you’ll need to pick up the phone – you can’t cancel your Foxtel service via your online account. But don’t worry – it’s a simple enough process. Simply call the Foxtel customer number and when prompted by the voice menu, say “disconnection”.