Quick Answer: Can 2 Different ICloud Accounts Be Merged?

Can I sync two Apple ID accounts?

The short answer is NO, you cannot merge multiple Apple IDs.

You can also have all the purchases made using a different Apple ID on one device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To do this, you need to save all your purchases on your Mac or PC and then sync these to your iOS device..

Can two Apple IDs have the same credit card?

It is possible but no more than 3 different Apple IDs for the same credit card. If you need more than three (more members of the family or a small business with 4 or more people who need individual Apple IDs) you can use one or more iTunes gift cards instead of a regular credit or debit card.

Can I add a second iCloud account to my iPhone?

If you want to add a second iCloud account on your device, go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and enter a different Apple ID. Secondary accounts can only sync mail, contacts, calendars, reminders and notes (not bookmarks, iCloud backup, photo stream, Find My iPhone, etc.).

Can you have 2 Apple IDs on an iPhone?

We recommend that you use the same Apple ID for all Apple services on your device—including the iTunes & App Stores and iCloud. Using multiple Apple IDs might be confusing and cause issues with accessing purchased content or using some services. If you have multiple Apple IDs, you can’t merge them.

Can I have two iCloud accounts on the same computer?

Yes, you can if you set up the separate iCloud accounts in separate user accounts on the computer. If multiple people use the same computer, that is the recommend setup.