Question: Which JR Pass Covers Tokyo And Osaka?

Is JR Pass worth it in Osaka?

In fact, a JR pass is usually NOT worth it for a Kansai visit, unless also going on a ROUND-TRIP to Tokyo.

A check of the Hyperdia website for Japanese trains (costs & times & lines) will show that it doesn’t pay for a 1-way trip to Tokyo, nor for a round-trip visit to Hiroshima from Osaka or Kyoto..

What does JR pass cover in Kyoto?

The Japan Rail Pass is valid for West JR Bus company, which operates the Takao Keihoku Line. This line runs between Kyoto station and Shuzan. You will be able to go to Ninnaji Temple and Ryoanji Temple.

Can I use JR pass around Tokyo?

If you have a Japan Rail Pass you can travel for free on the Yamanote line, the Chuo-Sobu line that crosses Tokyo from East to West, the Tokyo Monorail that goes around the bay and heads towards the Haneda Airport, as well as the other JR Lines going to the outskirts of the city.

What does JR Pass not cover?

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is not valid for any seats, reserved or non-reserved, on “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen lines. (The pass holders must take “HIKARI,” “SAKURA,” “KODAMA,” or “TSUBAME” trains.) … Some JR trains use the lines of private railways for direct services.

Is Shinjuku Line covered by JR pass?

Japan Rail Pass holders can take advantage of the line for free. Taking any train on the Yamanote line is fully included in the JR Pass. Furthermore, this is the only line that connects all of Tokyo’s most famous central stations such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno and Tokyo Station.

How do you get around Osaka?

The TakeawaySubways and trains are the best way to get around Osaka.A prepaid Icoca card is the BEST way to pay for transport (but a Suica or Pasmo card from Tokyo will also work just fine).Taxis are excellent but expensive.Buses aren’t recommended for short-term visitors.See below for full details.

How do I know if my JR pass is worth it?

Whether a Japan Rail Pass is worth it for you depends on your route. If you’ll be travelling at a fast pace to lots of places, especially on the expensive bullet trains, then it’s likely a rail pass will save you money.

Is it cheaper to buy JR Pass in Japan?

Buying your Japan Rail Pass before your trip is up to 10% and 20% cheaper than in Japan. As you see, buying the JR Pass is more expensive than buying it online ahead on time.

Which trains can I use with the JR pass?

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is valid for reserved and non-reserved ordinary car travel on all Japan Railways (JR) Group Shinkansen “bullet trains” (except for the “Nozomi” and “Mizuho” services), limited express trains, express trains, and local trains (Green Car passes are valid for Green Car travel) and the BRT (Bus Rapid …

What does JR pass cover in Tokyo?

The Japan Rail Pass covers all JR Group limited express trains, express trains, rapid and local ones. Shinkansen bullet trains are also covered, except of NOZOMI and MIZUHO.

Where should I stay in Osaka with JR Pass?

Osaka Hotels and Places to StayIdeal Tennoji. View Hotel. … Hotel Universal Port. View Hotel. … Business Hotel Mikado. View Hotel. … Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande. View Hotel. … Super Hotel City Osaka & Natural Hot Springs. View Hotel. … Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka. View Hotel. … Shin-Osaka Station Hotel Honkan. … Imperial Hotel Osaka.More items…

Is Namba station a JR line?

JR Namba Station provides access to the Osaka Subway Midousuji, Sennichimae, and Yotsubashi lines. … Osaka Namba Station (sometimes called Kintetsu Namba Station) serves both Kintetsu Railways and Hanshin Railways, providing access to Nara, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Kobe.

How does the 7 day Japan Rail Pass work?

The Japan Rail Pass validity is calculated in days, not in hours, so it does not matter what time you first use your pass. Therefore, if you have a 7 days Japan Rail Pass and you start using it on March 1st, whatever the time, this will count as day 1, and you will be able to use until March 7th midnight.

What lines are covered by JR pass in Osaka?

Osaka Loop Line: Getting around Osaka with the JR Pass4.1 Kansai Main Line.4.2 Yumesaki line.4.3 JR Tozai Line.4.4 Kobe Line.4.5 Kyoto Line.4.6 Hanwa line.4.7 Kansai Airport Line.

Does the JR pass cover all of Japan?

Your Japan Rail Pass only covers the Japan Railway network (JR). … JR is the largest train company and covers travel around the whole of Japan using the world famous bullet trains. Subways, Metros, and non JR trains are not covered by the Japan rail pass.

Is Tokyo Monorail covered by JR pass?

Although the Tokyo Monorail is a private railway, it has been integrated for use of the Japan Rail Pass. To board, simply show your activated JR Pass at the gates. Remember that you can activate your pass at the airport (Haneda JR East Travel Center), near the Tokyo Monorail gate.

What is the best way to get around Tokyo?

Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo. A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport. You can buy a Suica card online at for pickup at the airport. Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.

Does JR pass cover Osaka subway?

Hi there, The JR Pass is valid on local JR train in Tokyo, Osaka and around the Kyoto area. Metropolitan subway networks are run by different companies and unfortunately do not accept the JR Pass. Still you can use the JR Pass to reach most areas within Tokyo and Osaka.

Is Osaka Loop Line covered by JR pass?

The Japan Rail Pass can be used on the Osaka Loop Line. JR West also have a range of Area Passes available which you can choose from according to the locations you wish to visit. To plan journeys on the Osaka Loop Line you can use the JR West Timetable and Fare Finder.

How many Namba stations are in Osaka?

six different stationsThere are six different stations in Namba, so look out! Namba Station is made up of six different stations: the Nankai line’s Namba Station, the Kintetsu-Hanshin line’s Osaka-Namba Station, the Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Sennichimae Line, and Yotsubashi line’s Namba Stations, and the JR line’s Namba Station.

Is Ginza line covered by JR pass?

Tokyo s Ginza subway line is run by Tokyo Metro and is covered by the Suica Card which can be purchased along with your JR Pass on the Rail Plus website.