Question: Can You Work At Starbucks With Colored Hair?

Can you work at Starbucks with piercings?

Starbucks has adjusted its dress code allowing its baristas to wear facial piercings.

The facial piercings must be no larger than the size of a dime.

Previously, workers were allowed a small nose stud, but septum piercings or rings were not permitted..

What should a barista wear?

Baristas have the choice to wear dark-wash jeans and hues, although light tones are not permitted. Baristas can also make a statement with their hair color or wear hats such as beanies and fedoras to work.

Is it hard to get hired at Starbucks?

But getting a job at Starbucks is staggeringly difficult. “Last fiscal year we had 4 million applications and hired 50,000 people in the U.S. for hourly retail positions,” a spokesman told Business Insider. That means Starbucks accepts just over 1% of its applicants.

Can you wear leggings working at Starbucks?

Employees can wear a range of shirt colors, including gray, navy, dark denim and brown. … And shirts should have no more than two buttons open. Pants should not have holes, even deliberate designer ones, and they should not be worn too droopy, showing underpants. No sweatpants or athletic leggings.

Can I wear jeans to a Starbucks interview?

Starbucks Employee: I definitely wouldn’t wear something like a dress suit for a business meeting or something, but then also jeans are not acceptable to me. Something in between like a casual formal kind of thing, not too dressy but also not too simple, like you were going to school or something.

Do you have to memorize Starbucks drinks?

Starbucks baristas continously read and focus on the recipes that need to be memorized. In order for them to fully memorize the recipes, they make the drink themselves.

Can Starbucks baristas give free drinks?

They also get a 30% discount on Starbucks food and beverages. And while they’re actually on the clock, they can drink as many lattes as they want—most beverages are free for employees during work breaks.

Are Starbucks employees allowed to wear nail polish?

Keep your nails clean, short to medium- length. No nail polish (this includes gel or Shellac®) because it can chip off and fall into our food or beverages. SHOES. Black or brown closed-toe shoes with a flat heel are a must.

Can you wear a hat instead of a hair net?

Well as long as it’s properly set up and controlled hats can be acceptable. If you are the only one using it, you wear it over your hairnet, and keep it on site then I’d say it’s fine. Even if other people wear them as long as they are clean, kept on site, and worn over the hairnet I’d say that should be fine.

Can you wear ripped jeans at Starbucks?

No leggings, ripped jeans, or light wash jeans allowed. Khaki pants, dark wash jeans, and black jeans are okay. Men can wear shorts to the knees and women can wear long skirts. No canvas shoes.

Can you have tattoos at Starbucks?

Visible tattoos on face and neck are not allowed. Other visible tattoos are permitted so long as they don’t contain obscene, profane, racist, sexual, or objectionable words or imagery.

Does Starbucks give you a uniform?

After two years Starbucks announced that they would be allowing a wide variety of clothing options for their employees. The only thing we were not allowed to wear, that was still a huge “want”, were blue jeans. You’ll have to use your Starbucks Cap and Green apron, but actually you don’t have any other uniform.

What colors can you wear at Starbucks?

Pants, Shorts, Skirts and Dresses Allowable colors are solid black, gray, navy blue, brown or khaki (tan). Solid-color, darker denim is allowed. Athletic wear, leather or acrylic materials, prints, sweatpants and stretchy-fabric leggings worn alone are not allowed.

Do baristas have to wear hair up?

It is important to know what is considered “within the norm” in the neighborhood in which you work. If you wear your hair long, keep it out of your face (and out of the drinks) while you are at work. Pull it back into a neat ponytail, or put on a do-rag if this is normal for the neighborhood.

Can you have fake nails if you work at Starbucks?

Wear nail polish Nail polish is prone to chipping, and if that happens to a barista while they are preparing a coffee, it could end up in a customer’s drink. … So in order to avoid that kind of disaster, Starbucks employees are not allowed to show up to work wearing nail polish or fake nails of any kind.