Question: Can Square Roots Be Rational Numbers?

Is 2/3 an irrational number?

For example 3=3/1, −17, and 2/3 are rational numbers.

Most real numbers (points on the number-line) are irrational (not rational).

The rational numbers are those which have repeating decimal expansions (for example 1/11=0.09090909…, and 1=1.000000….

Is Square Root 24 a rational number?

Since 24 is a natural number, but the square root of 24 isn’t a natural number (it’s an irrational number that never terminates or repeats [4.898 979 486 …]), 24 is NOT a perfect square.

Is √ 3 an irrational number?

The square root of 3 is the positive real number that, when multiplied by itself, gives the number 3. The square root of 3 is an irrational number. … It is also known as Theodorus’ constant, named after Theodorus of Cyrene, who proved its irrationality.

Which one of the following number has rational square root?

which one of the following numbers has rational square root ? Explanation : √0.09 = √9100 = 310 = 0.3, which is rational. ∴ 0.09 has rational square root.

Is 0 a rational number?

Zero Is a Rational Number As such, if the numerator is zero (0), and the denominator is any non-zero integer, the resulting quotient is itself zero.

What is a square root of 19?

361 4.359Table of Squares and Square RootsNUMBERSQUARESQUARE ROOT193614.359204004.472214414.583224844.69096 more rows

Is square root of 25 a rational number?

Answer and Explanation: The square root of 25 is a rational number. Additionally, 25 is a perfect square. This means that you can multiply an integer by itself and obtain 25:…

Are all square roots rational numbers?

Not all square roots are whole numbers. Many square roots are irrational numbers, meaning there is no rational number equivalent. … To estimate the square root of a number, look for the perfect integers less than and greater than the value, and then estimate the decimal.

Are there any rational square roots?

The square root of any perfect square is rational. … You can also take the square root of a rational non-integer, that is a fraction, and if the numerator and denominator are both perfect squares, you will have rational square roots. For instance sqrt(16/25)= 4/5 or -4/5.