Is Versus A Formal Word?

Is basically a formal word?

The list is divided into sections of: verbs, transitions, emphasis words, abbreviations, and slang….Transitions – Informal & Formal.InformalFormalIn the end,FinallyTo sum upIn conclusion,In a nutshell/BasicallyTo summarize,Anyway,Notwithstanding32 more rows.

What’s another word for literally?

Literally Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for literally?closelyexactlypreciselystrictlyfaithfullyreallyverbatimactuallyplainlysimply218 more rows

What is synonym for improve?

SYNONYMS. make better, better, ameliorate, upgrade, refine, enhance, boost, build on, help, raise, revamp, brush up, polish up, perk up, tweak. informal give a facelift to. rare meliorate. ANTONYMS.

What’s another word for obviously?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for obviously, like: without-doubt, clearly, yes, evidently, unmistakably, certainly, surely, manifestly, patently, apparently and plainly.

Does v Mean versus?

in contrastVersus, meaning “against, opposed to” or “in contrast to,” is often abbreviated to vs. in sports coverage and to v. in legal documents. Versus and its abbreviations are not italicized.

Can you say verse instead of Versus?

Versus is a preposition meaning “against,” while its homophone verses is the plural form of the noun “verse,” such as a line from a song or poem. … “Versus” has many variants and shorthands, like “vs.” and “v.”, but “verses” is not one of them.

What is another word for Versus?

What is another word for versus?counteragainstconverselyat variance withcontrary toin defiance ofoppositein contravention ofin opposition toagainst the tide3 more rows

What is the word for not improving?

[ uhn-im-proovd ] SEE DEFINITION OF unimproved. adj.not improved.

What’s another word for mostly?

What is another word for mostly?generallyusuallymainlyoftoftenoftentimesoverallpredominantlyprimarilyessentially140 more rows

What can I say instead of pretty much?

What is another word for pretty much?prettyquitefairlymoderatelyratherrelativelysomewhatreasonablycomparativelydecently39 more rows

Is yet a formal word?

Of course! ‘yet’ is a formal word (what exactly do you mean by ‘formal’ ? … I often use ‘yet’ in the sense of something withheld, balancing the words that have gone before.

What is the opposite word for improve?

The opposite of improve is worsen or deteriorate. Definitions of improve.

What’s the meaning of VS?

versus Opposing & againstMeaning of vs in English (also vs.) written abbreviation for versus. Opposing & against.

Is improve a formal word?

1. Improve, ameliorate, better imply bringing to a more desirable state. Improve usually implies remedying a lack or a felt need: to improve a process, oneself (as by gaining more knowledge). Ameliorate, a formal word, implies improving oppressive, unjust, or difficult conditions: to ameliorate working conditions.

What can I say instead of basically?

What is another word for basically?generallylargelysubstantiallyaltogethereffectivelymainlyprimarilyprincipallyroughlyby and large120 more rows