Is Got A Slang Word?

What is another word for got?

What is another word for got?foundachievedattainedacquiredgainedobtainedunderstoodhadknewrealizedUS90 more rows.

Is brung a slang word?

In some dialects the past tense of “bring” is “brang,” and “brung” is the past participle; but in standard English both are “brought.” BUY THE BOOK!

What is got short for?

GOTAcronymDefinitionGOTGame of Thrones (TV show)GOTGlossary of TermsGOTGulf of Thailand (continental shelf)GOTGive Or Take23 more rows

Is got a proper word?

Many listeners, including Sigrid, have been wondering if the phrase “have got” is acceptable English. Well, you have got to check out our previous episode on that topic. It’ll tell you that the answer is yes, you can use this expression, though it is considered informal.

What does got mean in slang?

What does GOT stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningGOTGame of Thrones (TV show)GOTGive Or TakeGOTGet on TaskGoTGospel of Thomas