Can I Delete My Chegg Account?

How do I permanently delete my Chegg account?

Click the button below to see your active subscriptions.

You may need to log in if you haven’t already done so.

Select a subscription.

Then, on the right-hand side, click Cancel subscription..

Are questions posted on Chegg anonymous?

Chegg Help on Twitter: “@miguel97925612 When asking a question on Chegg, you can always post anonymously by unchecking the box under the post button”

Can chegg see who accessed a question?

Yes they can. Regarding on who viewed the link to a question, as opposed to creating a question, does chegg hold that kind of information? Other users have reported that you can access those who viewed the problem (other than the original student who uploaded it).

Can I cancel Chegg and get refund?

Manage a Chegg Refund Request On Your Own If you would like to get a refund on your Chegg Study subscription, get in touch with their customer services department, and request a credit for the unused tutoring minutes. This can be done on the Chegg website and phone. Find out how to cancel your Chegg subscription.

How expensive is chegg?

How much is Chegg per month? Chegg Study costs $14.95 per month. You can also purchase the Chegg Study Pack for $19.95 per month.

Can I edit my answer on Chegg?

Step-1: Go to “My Answers” tab and click on the answer you wish to edit. Step-2: Click on the EDIT button available next to your answer on the right side of your screen. Step-3: Update the answer and click on SUBMIT.

Can chegg questions be tracked?

A lot of people say chegg can not do this since it violates privacy laws, but if you post a professors homework question online that is the schools property so the school can claim copyright and demand to know who accessed it. They got the info from the campus wifi/internet connections, which are not secure.

Does chegg Contact your school?

However, the Chegg Tutors honor code policy states that if a student’s institution contacts Chegg to investigate his or her academic integrity, Chegg is authorized to fully cooperate and commonly does so. … We also work with school administrations on any type of honor code investigation and respond promptly.”

Can I delete my question from Chegg?

We take your privacy seriously and uphold the values and rights of original content creators. The only time we remove a question is if there’s content that violates our Terms of Use and Honor Code. If you think your question violates either of these policies, please contact us by emailing

Can I delete my chegg expert account?

I’m a Chegg Tutor – how do I delete my Chegg Tutor account? Sign in to your account and click Dashboard on the upper, right corner. Click the Settings icon next to your profile picture and toggle to off.

Can you get in trouble for having a Chegg account?

Using Chegg is considered cheating if students get Chegg answers for exams and quizzes or copy their essays for assignments. This is because a student gets undue advantages over others without learning.